The Crazy Crew!

Meet The Crazy Crew!
Its all about teamwork...
From the heart..
Live music on board the Pelorus Jack!
Serenading at the Sandbanks!
Getting ready for the boarding!
Songs especially for you!
Tropical fruits being served on board

 Pelorus Jack is crewed by 7 awesome fun loving talented crazy Fijian's.  

Your safety both on the yacht and in the water is there number one priority.

The crew are lead by Captain Charles, who has more than 15 years experience in these waters.  

He leads by example and plays an awesome tune on his guitar.


 Kelvin is our snorkelling master, who will guide you around the reef, so that your snorkelling experience  will be one to remember forever, he is also great with the youngsters on the yacht and is known as Uncle Cracker.

Tekila is our PRO and he will have you singing, dancing, enjoying the entertainment along the way.  

Richard and Phillip are known as the twins.  the kids will be entertained with face painting, hair braiding  weaving, Fiji traditional one day only tattoos, all free of charge .

Sen is our engineer and not only keeps the PJ in tip top shape, he loves to join the crew especially when they are being Crazy.

Bola is the newest member to our Staff / Crew.  His talent is making people happy, whether it be Marketing, Selling  or Sailing

  Lakai is the rose amongst the thorns and will happily serve you with fresh fruit, bottled water, soft drinks, morning and afternoon  coffee & tea, and if you would like a quick 10 minute foot, hand or back massage will do so complimentary.


They are a very caring crew, who offer top service, safety expertise, very caring and all English speaking, along with limited Chinese and Japanese.

Ilonah is HOD for  Administration and Sales.  She will be waiting at the Marina to make sure our guests check in hassle free, collect vouchers / money and make sure that our guests have everything you need for your day sailing with the Crazy Crew.  On your return she will once again be there to handle all your transfers back to your respective Hotels / Resorts.  Ilonah has had many years experience in the Tourism Industry, having been trained by Rosie Holidays.